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Cold, hard, uninviting, the snow-clad North Pole is home to large deposits of rare resources, essential to the Lunar Program. Actions in this area fall under the supervision of the Arctic Custodians, steadying the global weather by preserving the Arctic Ice Sheet.

The Arctic sectors are a region where conditions are harsh due to the cold weather. However, there are unique resources that are unavailable in the Temperate sectors to make settling here lucrative. It can be accessed after the player completes the first Spaceport upgrade.

Due to the extreme temperature the arctic population can only live next to buildings producing high amounts of heat, namely production buildings and power plants. As a result arctic settlements are always a mix of housing and industrial buildings.

Akia Floes

Akia flows large.png

Four islands of roughly equal size comprise the Akia Floes, offering extensive building land. This area has already drawn the interest of another global player looking to expand their trade routes.

Ikkuma Glacier

Ikkuma glacier large.png

Towering mountains reach up at Ikkuma Glacier, leaving little room for else. Many disused oil rigs still afflict the sea and the Arctic Custodians keep close watch on them.

Kinngait Protectorate

Kinngait Protectorate large.png

The Kinngait Protectorate contains two large islands, sheltering one of the Arctic Custodian's Climate Stabilizers. It's renewal has been due for some time.

Savik Province 


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