Ascension is the upgrading of a residence to a higher tier.

Population structure

Temperate sectors consist of 4 tiers of population

Arctic sectors consist of 2 tiers of population

Lunar sectors consist of 2 tiers of population

Within each tier of the population, there will also be buildings that need to be unlocked through "x number of inhabitants."

Balancing Ascension

Positive effects

  • Credits earned through taxation will increase
  • Unlock a new set of buildings (usually a X number of inhabitants)
  • Increased workforce

Negative effects

  • Consumption of goods increases
  • Consumption of public goods [entertainment, security] increases

Given these circumstances, it is always beneficial to provide ascension as much as possible to the population. As long as the production chains and public buildings keep up with the newly created demand, the positive effects greatly outweigh the negative effects.