Rare Resources can be found after completing Combat Missions, from optional Assignments, and occasionally as an item purchasable from in-game Characters. Iridium and Graphene are usually sold by Nick Papadikas, Magnetite is usually sold by Zandra Haynes, and Petrochemicals are usually sold by Ville Jorgensen. Some can be freely obtained over time after completing specific sector projects, such as the raising of the ARK in Wildwater Bay produces Iridium, raising of F.A.T.H.E.R.'s ARK in Cape Ambar produces Graphene, Rare meteoroids in Iwamoto Crater produce Magnetite, and repaired oil rigs in Ikkuma Glacier produce petrochemicals. Rare Resources can also be optained continuously from Tier 3 technologies in the Technology Nexus with the Orbit DLC. Specifically Biotech produces Petrochemicals, Electronics produces Graphene, Energy produces Iridium, and Heavy Industry produces Magnetite. Agriculture increases the reward from combat missions instead of producing rare resources continuously.

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