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This page lists all the downloadable content (DLC) for Anno 2205. Only content releases are available at this page. For balance updates, performance patches and bugfixes, visit Game Patches.

Wildwater Bay


The Wildwater Bay DLC includes the sector of the same name. It was released for free to all Anno 2205 owners on 20 January 2016 along with balance update 1.3.

Wildwater Bay will be available in January 2016 and will add a new temperate Earth session to the game. This will mark the biggest session in the game so far, with a large continental area and several islands.

“This will help you to acquire additional coastal and mountain slots,” says Executive Producer Burkhard Ratheiser in a forum post. “In addition, a new sector project will be available where you can solve the riddle of the abandoned underwater cities and meet ghosts from the past.”

Tundra Expansion


This content is part of the Season Pass

The Tundra expansion includes the sector type of the same name, as well as a new command aircraft, character, buildings and production chains. It includes five new production chains and ten new goods, as well as ten new achievements for players to unlock.

In the Tundra expansion, you will expand your corporation’s dominion with the new Tundra sector Vanha Plains. Make sure you enjoy all aspects of this new environment: roam the marshes, cross the fjords or observe the muskoxen. You won’t have to walk the wide plains on foot, of course: you can travel the new sector in style, using your new high-tech aircraft.

With the Vanha Plains being the most challenging sector project so far, there is also much for you to do: For instance, you can try to solve the mystery of the forgotten ECO sanctuaries! Or you could help new character Esther Nylund to disarm a deadly fever. The latter also gives you the opportunity to re-use the virus’ components to create new game play options. And let’s not forget about the exclusive Tundra production chains you can set up to supply production everywhere on Earth.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Big continental sector enlarges corporation
  • New Tundra environment offers diversity
  • New command aircraft strengthens vehicle gameplay
  • Biggest sector project so far adds story, quests and game play features
  • New Character enriches the world of Anno 2205
  • New building type enhances production everywhere on Earth
  • New production chains to cultivate the Tundra plains

Veteran's Pack

The veteran's Pack DLC includes a harder and more challenging difficulty mode for experienced players. This feature is available if you create a new company. Existing companies can be modified to use the new difficulty mode. This allows the current difficulty level for an old company to raise by about one step. This change is optional, but cannot be revoked afterwards. But the game creates a backup save once you decide to activate the new mode for an old company. It was released for free to all Anno 2205 owners on 5 April 2016 along with balance update 1.5.

Achieving 1 million investors on Vetaran difficulty unlocks the Veteran Statue, a massive ornamental building comparable to the Viridian Coves sector project.

New difficulty settings:

  • Trader prices and refill: Adjust the amount and cost of goods offered at NPC traders.
  • Destructible ships: Ships that are destroyed in a crisis sector get replaced with rookie crews.
  • Inactive cost: Pausing a facility only halves its maintenance cost.
  • Demolish cost: Using the demolish tool costs resources.
  • Assignment rewards: NPCs can get very stingy with their rewards.
  • Times assignments: For a greater challenge, assignments can now be set to be fulfilled within a time limit.

Big Five Pack

The Big Five Pack allows every corporation of level 10 and above to join the stock market. As with the Veteran Pack, joining the stock market is irreversible and a backup save will be created. It was released for free to all Anno 2205 owners on 3 June 2016 along with balance update 1.6.

Joining the stock market enables the following features:

  • Shares and auctions: Each corporation has a certain amount of shares, which can be bought by auction. Holding shares increases the budget of a corporation and the productivity of its facilities.
  • Espionage: Hire insiders to infiltrate the Big Five! Your insiders will gather information on your rivals’ finances and can sabotage them through inside jobs. But be careful not to get caught!
  • Industry Dominance: Produce goods and buy shares to establish your monopoly in the five industry branches. Achieving industry dominance over the Big Five will grant unlimited permits to build branded modules.
  • Trading Floor: This new building will grant additional promotion rights when surrounded by residences.

The Big Five Pack also reintroduces disasters, a previously missing feature.

Orbit Expansion


This content is part of the Season Pass

The Orbital expansion includes the sector of the same name, as well as the new Space Station, which will be used to develop science projects to boost all other regions.

It is set to be released on 20th July to coincide with the first landing on the moon by Apollo 11.

A summary of the DLC from the developer:

The Moon is not enough: In the Orbit expansion, your corporation will extend into outer space!

Within the new orbital sector you will build your very own space station. Recruit the bravest men and women amongst your employees and settle them in orbit. You can construct research modules to individually upgrade and tweak your space station. Controlling such a station will benefit your corporation: Once you have ensured supply for your scientists, they will create powerful global research effects boosting all of your sectors.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Unlock the new orbital sector
  • Create your own orbital space station
  • Build powerful research modules in space
  • Supply your scientists in orbit
  • Global science effects to boost all sectors


The Frontiers expansion is Anno 2205's final DLC, released in October 4, 2016. It adds three new sectors, (the Madrigal Islands, the Savik Province, and the Greentide Archipielago) a new faction, (the Synthetics) new ornaments, and enemy invasions.