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The Orbital Space Station, headquarters of the Global Union and their Lunar Licensing Program

Global Union, founded in 2117, is the leading government organization during the timespan in which the events of Anno 2205 take place. It is Earth's governing body and oversees the Lunar Licensing Program, designed to colonize and harvest the Moon's resources to solve humankind's energy crisis.


In 2117, Global Union is founded with the establishment of the Global Union Constitution. The situation on the Moon has turned Earth into a corporate battleground between powerful companies. In order to reestablish order and establish itself as a powerful world government, the Global Union banned all private entities from the Moon.

By 2205, Global Union became the world's leading government, after the collapse and replacement of the two competing organizations Global Trust and the Eden Initiative. It initiated the Second Wave of Lunar Colonization after Earth was facing resource and energy shortages. However, Orbital Watch wages a war of terror against Global Union in an attempt to prevent Global Union's presence from reaching the Moon, but ultimately fails.