Infraestructure Buildings

A Monumental Bridge, Warehouse and 2 Transportation Centers in Cape Ambar.

Infrastructure Buildings provide the player with the resources necessary to build their cities. However, unlike previous games in the series, the list of buildings that fall under this classification is significantly small. The following buildings are considered as part of Infraestructure in Anno 2205: the Spaceports, Warehouses, Transportation Centers, Streets and Monumental Bridges.

The definition of Infraestructure is more ambiguous in Anno 2205 than in previous entries. For example, energy generation buildings are considered as Region-specific structures given how each region features its own set of Power Plants. The same rule applies to some Public Buldings such as the Security Department, which were categorized as Infraestructure in Anno 2070. New buildings that could possibly be considered as part of Infraestructure, such as the Shield Generator, are also introduced in the game, although their unavailability across regions makes it hard to identify them as such.