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Living Units are sets of small modules that house workers for the Moon Colony. Unlike Earth Residences, they prioritize function over form and are built to provide the very basic comforts to Luna workers.The Living Unit can thus only be built in the Lunar Region. A unique requirement for Living Units is that they need to be built in the vicinity of a Shield Generator.

 Building Information

Size: 5x5

Building costs: 7,500 credits, 3 Titanium Plating

Special requirements: must be built near Shield Generator

Population Tiers

The Living Units will start out as a building for Miners, it can be upgraded to house Officers that are the second tier population on the Moon.


Residence tier01 moon 212456

Max Inhabitants: 10

Max Workforce Provided: 20

Max Tax Income: 32 credits/min

Upgrade costs to Officers: 5,000 credits, 6 Titanium Plating


Residence tier02 moon 212457

Max Inhabitants: 50

Max Workforce Provided: 50

Max Tax Income: 164 credits/min