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An alien, empty landscape made of endless hills and valleys. But even in an environment as hostile as the Moon, humanity has a chance to thrive. Craters offer a protection against cosmic radiation and meteorite impact, allowing humans to build colonies there.

The Lunar region is one of the three in-game regions in Anno 2205. It can only be accessed after the player upgrades at least one Spaceport on Earth to Level 3. Moon settlements can only be built in craters as they offer the best protection.

Due to falling meteors and solar radiation every building me be built under the protection of a Shield Generator .There are only two Population levels and the moon can never have a positive credits output.

Iwamoto Crater

Iwamoto Crater large.png

Novikov Crater

Novikov Crater large.png

The sector project of Novikov Crater consist in the construction of three refugee camps, providing a bonus of 1400 Workforce - 200 for the first camp, 400 for the second camp, and 800 for the third camp. Completing all phases of the sector project awards the A Safe Place achievement.

Mare Relictum

Mare Relictum large.png