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The Orbital Sector is the home of the Orbital Research Space Station, a special expandable building located in outer space. Access to both the sector and the Station is given to the player after acquiring the Orbital DLC. The expansion costs 2.99.

The sector is populated by Astronauts, which come from the launch facilities built in the Temperate, Arctic, and Lunar Regions. Each of these facilities will provide one of three types of astronaut which will provide the player with powerful global research effects to all sectors once their needs are satisfied, and the correct expansion structures are constructed on the orbital station.

Orbital Workshop

Orbital workshops must be connected to specific orbital modules, be populated by Astronauts and supplied with goods from other sectors to produce Expertise. An Orbital Workshop can generate up to 100 Expertise based on these conditions. New Orbital Workshop kits can be built in the Technology nexus. There are five workshop types:

  • Agriculture Chambers
  • Biotech Complex
  • Electronics Cleanroom
  • Energy Cluster
  • Heavy Industry Hall

Technology Nexus

The Technology Nexus gives an overview of possible technology and station expansion options. Expertise can be applied to activate Technologies which provides different benefits. If a Technology is activated and it has a station expansion adjacent, it will start the production of that station expansion if it has not yet been built. This can be highly useful as some technologies can change production chains to the corporation's advantage.