This Season Pass is part of the Gold Edition and Collector's Edition of Anno 2205. The two expansions will make the biggest Anno game ever again extensive and put your tactical skills belonging to the test.

1.Tundra extension

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With the Tundra extension you can further enlarge the sphere of influence of your company through the new Tundra sector Vanha level. Here you can enjoy the new environment in all its facets: roam the marshes, cross fords and observe the musk ox. Here you naturally do not have to wander on foot through the vast expanses of tundra: As befits a company manager of your caliber, you can navigate with your new high-tech aircraft through the area.

The Vanha level is so far the most challenging sector in the game and, accordingly, there is plenty to do there: you can, for example, the mystery of the forgotten ECO decrypt refuges. Or you help the new character Esther Nylund going to fight a deadly fever virus. The latter is particularly worthwhile because you can use its components in order to open up new gameplay options.

--Summary for readers in a hurry:==

• A large continental sector to enlarge your company

• The new Tundra environment creates change

• The new command-aircraft offers a new form of navigation

• The largest sector project provides new story content, quests and gameplay features

• A new character to enrich the world of Anno 2205

• A new building enhances your production anywhere in the world

• New production chains, in order to cultivate the Tundra

2. Orbital extension

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The moon is not enough: Your company continues to spread out into space! In the orbit expansion, you take the new orbital sector and establish in this your own Space Station! Recruited the bravest men and women among your employees and let them colonize the orbit on behalf of your company. On the space station you can build research modules to individually provide the station with upgrades and further optimize. If you have the power of your scientists successfully ensuring they are working on powerful global research effects, with which you can enhance all your sectors.

Summary for readers in a hurry:

• Turns the new orbital sector free

• Creates your own orbital space station

• Build powerful research modules in space

• Provide your scientists in Orbit

• Global Science effects improve all your sectors