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The Solar Array is a resource gathering building found only in the Moon region. It utilizes a Crater building site to generate energy. The Solar Array are unlocked by reaching 25 miners.

Building Information

Building Part Credits Materials Size
Base 9,000 20 Titanium Platings N/A
Solar Panel 2,300 5 Magnetite N/A
* Note: Prices may vary due to dictates by the Council.

Operating costs and production

Building Part Energy Production Credits/min Workers
Base 500 1,000 20
Solar Panel 500 500 10
Max Production 1,500 2,000 40
A maximum of 2 Solar Panels can be added.

Maintenance Modules

Type Effect Credits Rare Materials
Drone Hive -20% workforce -Unknown- X amount of Iridium
Finance Calculator -10% credit maintenance -Unknown- X amount of Iridium
A maximum of 5 maintenance modules can be added.

There are empowered maintenance modules available through The Council.