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See also Arctic Buildings, Lunar Buildings.



The buildings are created in the Temperate Region, organized by employee levels.


Name Type Product Consumption Maintenance Footprint Modules
Icon bioresigns 212253.png
Sunflower Farm Agriculture Bioresin - 100C 35W 10E 1L 4x8; 5x8 4x 50%
Icon biocomposites 212251.png
Biopolymer Factory Biotech Biopolymers Bioresin 100C 30W 10E 3L 5x7; 3x5 8x 150%
Icon rice dish 212309.png
Rice Farm Agriculture Organic Food - 20C 15W 5E 1L 5x7; 7x7 4x 180%
Icon water 212304.png
Desalinization Plant Agriculture Water - 100C 35W 10E 1L Coast 2x 100%
Windpark Energy Energy - 60C 10W 4x8; 4x8 4x 50%
Transportation Center Logistic Logistics - 250C 25W 50E 4x6 -
Infodrome Public Information - 250C 20W 25E 7x7 -


At the start of the game the Residence is available. It is your first available form of housing Population and as such the keystone to your entire corporation. When constructed and connected to a Street connected to a Warehouse it will start to fill with Workers. These workers will demand various goods and services, and in exchange they will provide Workforce and Revenue. If all their needs are fullfilled, they are eligible to advance to Operators.


Name Type Product Consumption Maintenance Footprint Modules
Icon ceramics 212255.png
Feldspar Quarry Heavy Industry Nano Ceramics - 100C 55W 30E 2L Mountain 2x 100%
Icon cobalt 212256.png
Cobalt Mine Heavy Industry Cobalt - 100C 55W 30E 2L Mountain 2x 100%
Icon robots 212293.png
Robot Assembly Hall Electronics Construct-O-Bots Nano Ceramics & Cobalt 200C 110W 50E 2L 4x13; 4x10 8x 100%
Icon fruit 212261.png
Fruit Plantation Agriculture Fruits - 30C 35W 15E 1L 4x7; 4x9 4x 150%
Icon fruit drink 212262.png
Vitamin Condenser Agriculture Vitamin Drinks Fruits 150C 30W 30E 2L 3x4; 2x2 6x 50%
Icon algae 212246.png
Algae Farm Agriculture Algae - 200C 35W 20E 1L Coast 3x 100%
Icon synth cells 212299.png
Synthcell Incubator Biotech Synthcells Algae 200C 85W 20E 2L 5x5; 3x5 6x 75%
Icon rejuvenators 212289.png
Biomedical Laboratory Biotech Rejuvenators Synthcells 200C 85W 20E 2L 6x9; 5x5 6x 50%
Tidal Power Station Energy Energy - 480C 25W Coast 4x 100%
Security Department Public Security - 1000C 50W 100E 8x9 -

Residential Complex

At the operator level, the Residential Complex becomes available. This can be considered an improved version of the Residence, since it encompasses 4 equivalent residences in one building. Although it takes up the same area as 4 residences, its construction and upgrade costs are merely 2 times the residence costs even though it houses 4 times as many people. Since it is also a single building, you need less roads to connect all houses to the warehouse. However, it is less flexible than the Residence and not as useful in tight environments. It is also the only type of housing that may advance to Synthetics level, Residences may not advance beyond Investor level.

With the Orbit DLC corporations may improve the Biomedical Laboratory to consume Bioresin instead of Synthcells, decreasing production costs drastically, using the Bioresin Breakdown technology in the Technology Nexus. At the operator level, players are also able to build Contstruct-O-Bots, and as such the game allows the construction of Monumental Bridges, increasing the available land area at the cost of a substantial amount of Biopolymers, Construct-O-Bots and Graphene. Take note that Operators are the first level of Population that does not need only the resources produced in its own sector biome. They also need Neuro Implants , which are produced in the Arctic . Executives and Investors also need Lunar products.


Name Type Product Consumption Maintenance Footprint Modules
Icon soy beans 212296.png
Soy Farm Agriculture Soy Beans - 300C 50W 50E 1L 4x7; 4x4 4x 100%
Icon beef 212250.png
Cattle Ranch Agriculture Beef Soy Beans 450C 50W 150E 1L 7x9; 7x9 4x 150%
Icon wine 212307.png
Vineyard Agriculture Wine - 300C 50W 40E 1L 7x8; 5x5 4x 50%
Icon luxury food 212272.png
Food Design Workshop Agriculture Luxury Food Beef; Wine 600C 320W 200E 2L 4x9; 3x6 6x 50%
Icon plant fibres 212283.png
Flax Plantation Agriculture Flax Fibers - 600C 35W 50E 1L 3x7; 2x3 4x 40%
Icon silica 212294.png
Silicon Mine Heavy Industry Silicon - 1500C 160W 100E 2L Mountain 3x 100%
Icon microchips 212275.png
Microfabrication Hall Electronics Microchips Silicon 600C 260W 50E 2L 3x6; 3x6 6x 100%
Icon intelli clothes 212269.png
Nano-Textile Mill Electronics IntelliWear Flax Fibers; Microchips 720C 110W 60E 2L 4x11; 5x5 6x 50%
Metro Station Public Mobility - 3000C 12W 250E 19x10 -


Name Type Product Consumption Maintenance Footprint Modules
Icon diamonds 212259.png
Diamond Mine Heavy Industry Diamonds - 4000C 160W 200E 2L Mountain 2x 100%
Nano-Cutting Unit Heavy Industry Multispec Prisms Diamonds; Rare Earth Elements 2500C 320W 400E 3L 5x8; 5x5 8x 100%
Neutronium Lab Biotech Replicators Multispec Prisms; Microchips 3500C 420W 400E 2L 5x9; 4x5 6x 50%
Neuronale Schaltkreise.png
AI Composition Plant Biotech Synaptic Circuits Bioresin; Silicon 4000C 370W 200E 1L 6x7; 3x6 6x 50%
Icon androids 212248.png
Android Factory Biotech Androids Synthcells; Synaptic Circuits 3750C 320W 400E 3L 5x11; 4x5 6x 50%
Stadium Public Entertainment - 8000C 25W 500E 17x17 -

At 150,000 Investors the Corporate Headquarters becomes available, allowing incredibly dense supply of Information, Security, Mobility, and Entertainment, at the cost of a very expensive to construct and maintain structure. Its construction and expansion is the final step in the Lunar Licensing Program.