Credits-icon 500 3 Biopolymers
Balance-icon -60 Energy-icon 0 Workforce-icon 10

The Windpark is an energy producing building found in the Temperate region. It generates energy that is needed by nearly all buildings to function. The windpark is unlocked early in the game at just 25 Workers total.

Windparks must be built a certain distance away from other windparks as otherwise the power generation capabilities are diminished and the will run at lower capacity, similar to the windpark in Anno 2070.

Building Information

Building Part Credits Materials Size
Base 500 3 Biopolymers 8x4
Wind Turbine 100 1 Graphene 5x4

Prices may be reduced due to the effects of The Council.

Operating Costs and Production

Building Part Output credits/min Workers
Base 50 Energy -60 -10
Wind Turbine 25 Energy -15 -2.5
Max Production 150 Energy -120 -20

A maximum of 4 wind turbines can be added.

Maintenance Modules

Type Effect Credits Rare Materials
Drone Hive -20% workforce 500 10 Iridium
Finance Calculator -10% credit maintenance 500 10 Iridium
A maximum of 5 maintenance modules can be added.

There are empowered maintenance modules available through The Council.

Production Windpark energy earth 212467